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Teaching For Active Learning- The New Pedagogy For Online Education

Nearly 54% of the students are comfortable learning online, according to a survey conducted to understand the change in learning patterns in the last year. More than 56% students preferred the online medium and felt empowered and confident as opposed to a traditional class. While there are many who doubt the effectiveness of online learning, research actually supports it, given the many advantages such as greater flexibility to communicate with teachers, access to the content & assignments, self- paced learning, options for courses - all translating into quality education and more mobility for the student..

Top 10 things to look for in an eLearning platform

It was the late 2010's. School, college and coaching class students were busy attending on-campus courses they had secured admission for. They were taking assignments home and submitting in person after completing them. Their only exposure to internet was limited to searching for references on Wikipedia and other sources of information. Teachers, professors, administrative staff had complete access and control to whatever they were supposed to do in the course of their duties..