ClickGyaan for School, Colleges & Institutes

ClickGyaan For Schools

  1. Digitalisation of teaching learning

    By digitising curriculum, students have access to the same unit outlines and resources regardless of division they are in, resulting in cohesion and equitable access across the grade. Digital content can also be re-used the following year.

  2. Assessments and feedback

    Teachers can collate / group range of multimedia supported resources to teach a specific topic or skill to make the lessons engaging.

  3. Resources can be in diverse formats

    Teachers can collate / group range of multimedia supported resources to teach a specific topic or skill to make the lessons engaging.

  1. ClickGyaan supports school in efficient distribution of school material

    All the students, irrespective of whether they are in class or learning remotely can have access to the lessons, activities and resources. Teachers can even share the textbooks in Pdf format which can be viewed online instead of lugging them to schools.

  2. Parents and Teachers involvement and feedback

    ClickGyaan has been designed keeping in mind the need to develop foundational skills and development skills of students from an early age. Parent and teachers play an important role in encouraging the child to learn. Therefore, their involvement and feedback which can be captured in the system, can help to shape the educational lifecycle of the child.

ClickGyaan For Colleges & Universities

ClickGyaan has been designed based on The UGC 4 quadrant approach

Quadrant I

e -Tutorials (Recorded Videos provided by the college)

Quadrant 2

E-Content (PDF text books, work sheets created by faculty)

Quadrant 3

Discussion forum / Live classroom

Quadrant 4

(MCQ based assessments created by respective faculty)

ClickGyaan is aligned to University and college requirements


  • Synchronous and Asynchronous interactions
  • Learner engagement through gamification
  • Team based activities or group based project work
  • MCQ based assessments
  • Provision to award certificates
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • White labelling for University / College branding

ClickGyaan, as a common platform across colleges or divisions will offer visibility in form of reports, feedback and progress of the students. It will help assess effectiveness of policies and programs and encourage inclusive engagement for parents and guardians. ClickGyaan will give visibility to parents and guardians in student's academic lifecycle and enable two-way communication between them and the school.

ClickGyaan ForInstitutes

ClickGyaan supports educational and academic institutions to deliver training programs, courses, classroom training, mandatory compliance training, and certifications. ClickGyaan can help create a learning path for the participants and track the learner's progress through progress and development reports.

Benefits to Institutes

  • Reduces Training costs
  • Helps to maintain unified standards across trainers and affiliates
  • Measures training effectiveness
  • Helps reach larger audience and business expansion

Benefits to Participants

  • Unlimited access to learning content anytime and anywhere
  • Increase in knowledge engagement
  • Improved performance
  • Better retention

ClickGyaan ForTutors

Independent Tutors will benefit from engaging students on ClickGyaan

As they can create differentiated learning experience, personalized to meet each student's need and requirement. Students can learn at their own pace and be at different learning curves for the same learning outcome. Tutors can plan and create different activities for the same learning outcome using multimedia aids and gamification tactics available on ClickGyaan.